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Oil and Gas Litigation: Persuading Millennials (and Other Cohorts) in Light of Fake News & Alt Facts Webinar

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Institute for Energy Law |  Litigation
Shelley C Spiecker, Ph.D.
60 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jan 01, 2019
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What does it mean for you and the oil and gas factfinders you persuade that we all live in a Post-Fact world where “alt facts” and “fake news” pervade our daily lives? 

Today, the public is no longer just the audience of the news. We are the source of the news. And that creates a credibility question. How are we, today, evaluating the credibility of the information that we receive, and how does that impact how we process, remember, and are influenced by information?

We live in a unique and changing political climate with political and social group polarization seemingly at an all-time high. People are motivated to seek out information that supports their own beliefs. Is it possible that rather than seeking out and discovering new thoughts and ideas, most of the public is choosing to seek out information that reinforces what they already think? With all this happening, we must explore some fundamental questions of legal decision making: Are we in a new frontier in persuasion? Can people – can juries and judges – still be persuaded by the evidence? 

Experienced litigators are masters of persuasion. But an understanding of the social science behind the public's changing relationship to the facts can help us refine those persuasion techniques. This webinar examines the key factors of persuasive resistance today and outlines seven strategies for oil and gas attorneys and their clients to overcome persuasive resistance in an environment where this is becoming increasingly challenging.

Program was previously approved for 1.0 hours of MCLE credit by State Bar of Texas (1.2 hours in 50 minute states). Approval for the program has expired, but you may be able to use for self-study credit.


MCLE Credit has expired.

Although MCLE credit was previously obtained for this program in at least one jurisdiction (most likely Texas), such credit has expired and not been renewed by The Center for American and International Law. You may be able to obtain credit in certain jurisdictions (self-study credit), but the rules vary greatly by jurisdiction. Please review your jurisdiction’s MCLE rules and regulations before purchasing or viewing this program.



Shelley C Spiecker, Ph.D.'s Profile

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Persuasion Strategies

Dr. Shelley Spiecker has been consulting on successful strategies in litigation for over 25 years. With a doctorate in legal communication, Dr. Spiecker has extensive experience in the use of verbal and nonverbal strategies for persuasive communication in legal settings. Her studies of the tactical use of innuendo in the courtroom and her analyses of effective presentation strategies have been recognized as valuable contributions to the trial consulting field. Dr. Spiecker is a national leader in strategic trial solutions and is frequently asked to lecture on emerging research findings. She designs and executes focus groups and mock jury trials as well as mock bench trials and mock arbitrations. In this work she often tests novel approaches to address case weaknesses and methods for leveraging case strengths.  Dr. Spiecker has interviewed over 35,000 actual and mock jurors and has surveyed another 25,000 jury-eligible individuals to study reactions to case issues, aspects of witness testimony, and persuasion techniques.  Dr. Spiecker co-founded her current firm, Persuasion Strategies, in 2001.