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Chris Moore

Executive Vice President - Business Development & Land

PO&G Resources

Christopher Moore is Executive Vice President of Business Development and Land and joined PO&G in September 2008. Chris manages the A&D process including target sourcing, evaluation, and due diligence.  He also oversees the firm’s budgeting and investment evaluation processes. He is responsible for the development of cash flow forecasts and budgets based on a detailed analysis of asset level production and costs. Chris manages regulatory and health, safety, and environmental (“HSE”) compliance; lease operating expense optimization; development project planning; and capital budgeting.

Product Type

2nd Energy Transactions Conference: Responding to Unprecedented Global Change

James Arnold |  Fernando Avila-Bavaresco |  Marcella Burke |  Juan R. Dominguez |  Rodrigo Dominguez |  Colin P. Fenton |  Andrew Gratz |  Jorge Gutierrez |  ....
8.5 Hours
Original Program Date:
Oct 07, 2020
$175.00 - Base Price

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