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Laith Sando

Vice President – Investor Relations

Range Resources Corporation

Laith Sando is Vice President - Investor Relations at Range Resources Corporation, a leading natural gas and NGL producer with operations focused in Appalachia.  Mr. Sando’s key responsibilities include managing the company’s relationships with investment analysts and investors and the Company’s hedging program.  Mr. Sando serves on the internal hedging committee and as is responsible for the execution of Range’s commodity hedging program.  He also serves on the Company’s risk management committee.   Laith also has an integral role in Range's financial reporting activities, sustainability reporting, annual stockholder outreach and proxy process.  Prior to appointment to his current role, Mr. Sando held various accounting positions at Range, joining the Company in 2002. 


Product Type

2nd Energy Transactions Conference: Responding to Unprecedented Global Change

James Arnold |  Fernando Avila-Bavaresco |  Marcella Burke |  Juan R. Dominguez |  Rodrigo Dominguez |  Colin P. Fenton |  Andrew Gratz |  Jorge Gutierrez |  ....
8.5 Hours
Original Program Date:
Oct 07, 2020
$175.00 - Base Price

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