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Steve Sinos

Vice President

Mercatus Energy Advisors

As a member of Mercatus Energy’s leadership team, Steve leans on more than 15 years of experience to advise clients on energy trading, risk, investment, and strategy. Steve developed a unique, perspective on markets through a collection of experiences including as founder of startup trading shops, as a member of Bank of Oklahoma’s hedge execution team, as an intern at J. Aaron (Goldman Sachs), and as a consultant at the global research and consulting firm, Wood Mackenzie. He uses this perspective as a platform to help clients make better decisions. 

Product Type

2nd Energy Transactions Conference: Responding to Unprecedented Global Change

James Arnold |  Fernando Avila-Bavaresco |  Marcella Burke |  Juan R. Dominguez |  Rodrigo Dominguez |  Colin P. Fenton |  Andrew Gratz |  Jorge Gutierrez |  ....
8.5 Hours
Original Program Date:
Oct 07, 2020
$175.00 - Base Price

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