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John P. Bowman

King & Spalding LLP

For 37 years, Mr. Bowman has represented energy companies in arbitration and litigation, including in disputes concerning expropriation of facilities and contract rights, production sharing contract disputes (renegotiation demands, windfall profits taxes, cost recovery, gas migration, failure of state oil company to pay costs, gas marketing rights), AMI and confidentiality agreement disputes, joint operating agreement disputes (removal of operator, joint interest billings, preferential purchase rights, voting rights, sole risk operations), failure to develop, disputes between investors and promoters, seismic licensing disputes, drilling contract disputes (existence of contract, mob delay, indemnification for pollution), natural gas and LNG contract disputes (price reopeners, destination clauses, take or pay, ratable takes, minimum takes, reserve substitution, contract extension, gas quality and measurement), gas marketing disputes (failure to deliver, imbalances), royalty owner disputes (drainage, failure to market, affiliate sales, calculation and payment of royalties, lease termination), and property valuation disputes (including look-backs), as well as in contested proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Texas Railroad Commission, Oil & Gas Division.

As an important part of his energy practice, he works closely with experts in the energy industry, including petro-fiscal system consultants, geophysicists, geologists, petroleum engineers, well completion and production engineers, gas measurement specialists, gas contract administrators and gas marketers, joint interest auditors, experts in utility regulation, and experts in the history and development of U.S. and foreign energy sectors.

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Risk Mitigation in International Energy Ventures

Eduardo Canales |  John P. Bowman |  Elisabeth Eljuri |  Jose Antonio Rivas |  Guillermo Garcia Alcocer
60 Minutes
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Aug 26, 2020
$40.00 - Base Price

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