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Chad Pinson

Stroz Friedberg

Chad Pinson brings decades of professional experience to serve clients as a trusted advisor on difficult technical and traditional investigations, cybersecurity and risk issues. He also serves on Aon’s Cyber Solutions Executive Leadership Team, its Operating and Revenue Committees, and acts as Chairman of the Client Management Committee. He is responsible for company P&L, leadership, strategy, operations, business development, talent acquisition and retention, process and procedure, organizational risk, and service delivery. Chad leads more than 90 people on the nationwide Service-Delivery and Engagement Management Team, including the industry-leading Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics and Incident Response Group. Chad first began working in professional services in 1998, and continues to serve clients, research, write, and is a sought-after speaker on board advisory and corporate governance, technical and internal investigations, cybersecurity, incident response and data breach, cybercrime, emerging technologies, SCADA/ICS, big data & data analytics, trade-secret & identity theft, privacy, fraudulent financial transactions, transactional due diligence, digital & mobile forensics, cryptocurrency, blockchain, e-commerce & alternative payment options, risk assessment & management, infringement, insider threats, data retrieval, ransomware, cyber-fraud and extortion, wire fraud, spyware, regulatory regimes that involve data and security, and e-discovery. He is the Former Chairman of the State Bar of Texas Privacy, Data Security, and eCommerce Committee.

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Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry: The Threat of Ransomware

Shawn Morgan |  Chad Pinson |  Theodore Augustinos
60 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jun 07, 2021
$50.00 - Base Price

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