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Kenneth R. Vogel

Vogel Economics

Kenneth Vogel is an economist and lawyer who specializes in the analysis of disputes involving natural resources, principally energy producing natural resources. He provides economic analysis services, both to assist in dispute resolution and dispute avoidance, to private energy and minerals companies and the governments that regulate them. Beginning with his experience as a professor of economics, when he studied the effect of changing legal regimes on the ownership and production of land and continuing with his experience as a professor of law, where he extended that research into the effect of legal regimes on labor markets and discrimination, he has long been concerned with how legal rules affect the efficiency of society. From his academic world, Dr. Vogel went to the U.S. Department of the Interior, where he first led the policy office of the Minerals Management Service, working on policies involving both offshore energy leasing and operations and minerals revenue collections. He was then the first chief of enforcement in the minerals revenue program, where he wrote regulations, enforced them and negotiated the settlement of disputes involving them. He retired from federal service in 2005. 

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Basics of Oil and Gas Production

David B. Lerman |  Kenneth R. Vogel
60 Minutes
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May 24, 2017
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