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Ajey Chandra

Executive Vice President

Baker & O’Brien, Inc.

Ajey Chandra’s expertise combines over 35 years of experience in the
energy industry, including market analysis, project development, litigation
assistance, independent engineering review, strategic planning, mergers
and acquisitions, and operational improvements around the world.

Prior to joining Baker & O’Brien, Ajey held leadership positions in multiple
companies, and included roles in business development, gas and liquids
pipelines, midstream operations, and gas processing plants. Additionally,
Ajey has over 15 years of consulting experience covering a wide variety of
projects worldwide.

Product Type

Young Energy Professionals Workshop: The Midstream Sessions

Ajey Chandra |  Emil Barth |  David J. Raphael |  Sabina D. Walia |  Suzanne Clevenger |  Christopher D. Porter |  David Ammons |  Marcia Greenblatt |  ....
5.75 Hours
Original Program Date:
Jan 11, 2023
$100.00 - Base Price

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