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Sabina D. Walia

Caldwell Boudreaux Lefler PLLC

Sabina has over 15 years of experience in the federal and state regulation of natural gas and liquids pipelines. Sabina advises clients regarding  regulatory issues and compliance with FERC regulations, including  regulatory requirements for developing natural gas and liquids pipelines; negotiating service agreements on natural gas and liquids pipelines and  other midstream facilities, such as gas gathering and processing facilities;  obtaining authorizations for constructing new pipeline and storage facilities or abandoning existing facilities; rate regulation of natural gas pipelines  and storage companies; tariff filings and general regulatory compliance;  and creating regulatory compliance and internal audit programs for  regulated pipelines. Sabina also provides advice to clients regarding  pipelines subject to the jurisdiction of the Railroad Commission of Texas  and intrastate natural gas pipelines offering Section 311 service. Sabina has  represented clients in appellate matters before both the D.C. Circuit and the  Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals and is admitted to practice before the  Supreme Court of the United States.

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Young Energy Professionals Workshop: The Midstream Sessions

Ajey Chandra |  Emil Barth |  David J. Raphael |  Sabina D. Walia |  Suzanne Clevenger |  Christopher D. Porter |  David Ammons |  Marcia Greenblatt |  ....
5.75 Hours
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Jan 11, 2023
$100.00 - Base Price

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