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Jennifer Goodwillie


Jenn Goodwillie is the Vice President of Project Development at Ørsted and leads the development of wind, solar, and storage projects in the U.S. from the company’s Austin office. She’s a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law and provided legal counsel to utility-scale renewable energy companies on the development, construction and financing of wind, solar and storage projects prior to joining Ørsted. Jenn leverages her legal and development background to expand the energy economy in the U.S. and bring much needed carbon-free electric generation onto the grid.  She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and enjoys hiking, biking and paddling in her free time.

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Young Energy Professionals Workshop: The Energy Transition Sessions

Dr. Laura T.W. Olive |  Archie Fallon |  Lindsey F. Swiger |  Elyse H. Akhbari |  Yvonne Hennessey |  Jennifer Goodwillie |  Tod Everage |  Brian A. Finch |  ....
3.75 Hours
Original Program Date:
Dec 08, 2021
$75.00 - Base Price

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