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Jennifer D. Sadenwater

Senior Managing Director

ESG Lynk

Jennifer Sadenwater is Senior Managing Director of ESG Lynk. With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Jennifer has a simplified, yet  detailed-oriented approach to sustainability strategy and ESG reporting.  She serves clients in a variety of industries including asset management,  midstream and upstream oil & gas, transportation & logistics, renewable  energy, internet & media services, and electric utilities. Her prior  experience with SEC financial reporting contributes to her approach of  focusing on sustainability disclosure topics that are financially material and  relevant to stakeholders. Jennifer also has extensive experience in  developing and conducting training courses and is a subject matter expert  contributor for the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Exam  issued by the IFRS Foundation.

Product Type

Young Energy Professionals Workshop: The Midstream Sessions

Ajey Chandra |  Emil Barth |  David J. Raphael |  Sabina D. Walia |  Suzanne Clevenger |  Christopher D. Porter |  David Ammons |  Marcia Greenblatt |  ....
5.75 Hours
Original Program Date:
Jan 11, 2023
$100.00 - Base Price

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