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Gadi Taj Ndahumba

African Legal Support Facility (ALSF)

Gadi Taj Ndahumba is Chief Legal Counsel at the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF), an international organization hosted by the African Development Bank Group. He is responsible for the implementation of ALSF’s transactional support to African governments in the energy and sovereign finance sectors. The ALSF’s work spams across the African continent and is supporting the countries' efforts to tackle the energy deficit through conventional and innovative technologies.

Prior to joining the ALSF, Mr. Ndahumba was a project finance lawyer at a top-tier Canadian law firm, where he worked in the energy and infrastructure sectors. During his time in private practice, he advised several leading renewable energy companies which were paving the way toward wind energy as Canada began to diversify its energy sources.

Mr. Ndahumba is a lawyer and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He holds a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Laws from McGill University, a bachelor’s degree in political science (international relations) from Université of Québec in Montréal and certificate of liberal studies from the Waseda University in Tokyo.


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YEP Online Workshop: The International Sessions

Ingvild Ombudstvedt |  Priya Prasad |  Benedict J. Kirchner |  Gadi Taj Ndahumba |  Matthew Kelsall |  Bertrand Troiano |  Anthony Choueiri |  Michael Maier |  ....
5.0 hours
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May 14, 2024
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